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Dr. Carla J. Evers 

Superintendent of Schools


Meridith Bang

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

     Susan Walters

    Director of Student Assessment (Testing)

    MSIS Personnel Coordinator

    Dr. Tricia Cox

    Alternative Program Administrator/Teacher

    Teresa Allen

    Accreditation Consultant


Doris Flettrich

Director of Special Education

District 504 Coordinator

     Robert French

    Assistant Director of Special Education


Marsha Garziano 

School Business Officer/Administrator 


Frank McCardle

Director of Federal Programs

    District Title VII and Title IX Coordinator

    District Homeless Liaison (Title X)

Director of Support Services

     Timothy Allen 

    Supervisor of Plant (Buildings)

     Cynthia "Sam" Cuevas 

    Supervisor of Transportation


Saundra Isabelle 

Food Service Supervisor


Brad McJunkin

Technology Specialist

     Roscoe Forch, Computer Technician - Pass Christian Elementary/Middle Schools

     Siri Jewell, Computer Technician - Pass Christian High School  

     Dominick Rodosta, Computer Technician - Delisle Elementary School