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Special Services

The Pass Christian School District Special Services Department in keeping with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and state law is dedicated to providing a quality education experience for all students with disabilities ages 3 through 20.

We believe all children can learn, even those with the most severe disabilities. Our special education teachers ensure that students with disabilities are educated with their non-disabled peers to the maximum extent possible.  
Please take a look at the Child Find link to learn how the referral process works if a disability is suspected and please feel free to visit the Useful links listed below.

 Doris Flettrich, Special Services Director

Special Services Staff 

Special Services Staff

Doris Flettrich

Special Services Director

Dr. Tricia Cox

Special Services Assistant Director

District Hearing Officer

Curtis Wicker

School Psychologist 

Susan Humphrey

Case Manager

Shannon Ladner



Contact Information: 

228-255-6205 - phone

228-255-9436 - fax


Useful Links

Special Ed Connections

Mississippi Department of Special Education

Procedural Safeguards

PCSD Child Find

Family 2 Family Health Information & Education Center

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

MS Parent Training Information Center 

Autism Speaks