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Curriculum and Instruction


Curriculum and Instruction

Welcome to the Pass Christian School District (PCSD) Curriculum and Instruction online hub for academic resources.  This site is designed to support the identification and development of essential learning standards in all subjects at all levels in our district, as well as establish the foundation for effective instruction, feedback, and assessment.  Every effort is made every day by district educators to ensure our students are on the path to becoming college and career ready. Through extensive collaboration, PCSD teachers work hard to develop lessons and determine strategies which ensure success for all students.  Our administrators focus relentlessly on improving teaching and learning and are attuned to their own professional development while supporting every aspect of teacher and student growth. In addition to school-level Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), districtwide Alliance meetings are held monthly to discuss overarching grade-level and content area goals, as well as to share ideas and best practices.  In-depth data review is an ongoing part of our process and serves as a roadmap for increasing student learning and building motivation.  Professional Development is planned based on specific needs and current areas of focus and serves to connect educators within our district horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  Driven by our district’s mission of Committed to Excellence, we are dedicated to preparing students for the opportunities and the challenges which lie ahead both in school and in the world beyond the educational setting.  




                            Patty Cooper                            Rob French                         Susan Walters

                    Chief Academic Officer              Assistant Director                     MSIS Coordinator

                                                                 Curriculum & Instruction      Director of Student Assessment







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